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Japan 2013 Bucket List

1. Go to Kinkakuji (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion)

2. Go to Fushimi Inari Taisha (Shrine) 

3. Go to Kiyomizu-dera (again)

4. Go to Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

5. Go to that famous aquarium in Osaka

6. Go to Nara. Try not to step in deer poop.

7. Go to Obama City

8. Go to Hokkaido

9. Go back to Tokyo and visit ILP friends

10. And Yokohama again. And this time ride the ferris wheel!

11. Hang out for a day, with no real itinerary, in the town where I was supposed to grow up

12. Go to Disneyland or Disney Sea

13. Travel to a nearby country (or countries)

14. Go to a random prefecture on a class cancellation day

15. Go to a concert

16. Ohanami

17. Do well at my part time job, earn more money for travelling and shopping!!

18. send a package of my winter clothes home when it gets too warm for them and try not to sob over how much it’ll cost

19. Buy some Japanese books

20. Read a book. By a tree. In a park.

21. Buy lots of (…okay, more) cute clothes, trinkets, presents, etc.

22. But try not to own one of everything from the local 100yen shop

23. (Continue) to learn to make kick ass Japanese food

24. Pass all my classes but try not to worry about my GPA too much

25. Learn more through experience than in the classroom

26. Dance a ton, get better at a genre I would have limited access to at home

27. Keep my homesickness at bay

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Dance Dance Revolution guy at a game center in Chayamachi

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Baby Mickey plushie that my boyfriend won me from a claw game.
They call it the “UFO game” here

Baby Mickey plushie that my boyfriend won me from a claw game.

They call it the “UFO game” here

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Seeing a movie in Japan

Costs so. freaking. much.

We went to see the Hobbit in 3D, so that 3D ticket cost 2100yen!! D:

At least next time we go we get 100yen off if we bring our own glasses. Thank God it was a good movie or else I’d feel even worse about spending that much money.

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